About Us

Once upon a time... before the synthesization of chemical molecules.... men sought and respected nature as the great origin of all materials of the world. 

For thousands of years, traders on the Silk Routes travelled immeasurable distances to acquire and exchange the goods of this world.

Amongst which some of the most notable and valuable ingredients were fragrant in nature.... spices of all kinds... gums and resins... roots, flowers and animal excretions.

But the new era of modernization has brought a very different story to us... that which nature speak in a language of poetry, we now replicate in a language of petro-chemicals... that which farmers, distillers and artisan alike shaped entire generations of culture around... is now made by a single company inside a laboratory.

Chemist would love to debate that their molecules are nature identical... but we will never dare to engage in such a debate.... for it does not require so much humanity to see that that which is the sweat of a flower... whom the sun has given all of its energy for an entire season... and the rains have given their blessing by feeding their soils.... and entire families and villages have based their cultures on its art of cultivation and essence extraction, could never be compared to the work of a petro-chemical based company who replicates the works of nature for profit.

We, at Nefertem Perfume Co. have a passion. It is the passion of the Artisan distillers... the stories of the farmers and villagers.... and the love of the perfumers who respects nature has the true garden of creation.

We are committed to not only work within the frame of nature.... but to travel the world to source the things that have been left aside in the distance of the past... To support the growth and cultivation of more beauty and more natural fragrances. We are committed to working directly with artisan distillers and villagers around the world, and to bring THEIR stories directly to you.

But beyond our aim of sourcing and creating... we seek to gift the world with something more.... and that is the MAGIC... hidden in the stories of the people.... the mythologies buried in all corners of the world. 

In every Holy Books of the world.... in every body of mythologies and ancient stories.... aspiration has been drawn from the magical enchantment of perfume and smell.... from the beauty of flowers came the inspiration to see the world in a more meaningful and magical way.

after all.... the world itself was birthed out of a lotus flower.... for both the Hindu Brahma and Egyptian Ra were birthed out of the lotus flower... giving birth to the first day in time.

By choosing our products... not only do you choose to bring more magic into your own life.... but into the lives of all the farmers and artisan distillers around the world that we support.

We dream of a world, where every Human Being values the precious gifts of this world... and would rather have much less possession... but possessions that are more meaningful. Possessions that empowers each other and that inspires us to take care of one another and this precious world that sustains us.

Quality beyond quantity... This is more than a commitment for us; it is the statement of a way of life.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to revive the ancestral art of perfumery and bring it back to the world in a way that has never been seen yet.

Let us write mythology... once more.